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Quick Reaction - Quick Production - Quick Ship

 A true quick reaction capable fabrication corporation; Keener dedicates uninterrupted service for customers who need products developed, produced, and shipped in the minimum possible time.
We have 5 fabrication facilities with 120,000sf of specialized manufacturing space and equipment. Keener Corporation begins production immediately and delivers finished products in the most expedient means available with Rail lines and an Airstrip co-located with our production locations. We understand the unique requirements of our customers who need products in the field now. Project managers with extensive special operations experience and security clearances can and will personally deliver finished products if necessary.
HUB Zone and Small Business status offers purchasing agents the ability to apply SAP, Set Aside, and Sole Source programs to streamline and expedite the delivery of goods and services!

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Tools/MADABANDSAW.jpg Tools/MADAPLASMACUTTER.jpg Tools/CNCPRESS.jpg Tools/350tonpress.jpg

Keener Corporation

5300 Western Ave.

Connersville, Indiana 47331

(765) 825-2100

FAX (765) 825-0782

HUB Zoned Small Business

ISO 9001:2008 Registered


  • Amada 44 Station Turret Punch
  • Cincinnati 250 CNC Shears
  • Amada HKA 800 Band Saws
  • Amada HA 250W Band Saws
  • Marvel Band Saws
  • Cincinnati 90 Ton Press Brakes
  • Cincinnati 135 Ton Press Brakes
  • Cincinnati 350 Ton Press Brakes
  • Chicago 100 Ton Press Brakes

  • Niagra 100 Ton Press Brakes
  • Steelweld 100 Ton Press Brakes
  • Almega AX-V6 Robotic Welders
  • Almega AX-VX Robotic Plasmas
  • Hand Held Plasmas
  • Piranha P90 Ironworker
  • 20 x 5ton Overhead Cranes
  • Drill Presses
  • CNC Table Plasmas

  • 50 x Mig Welders
  • Tig Welders
  • Spot Welders
  • Inverted Routers
  • Magnaflux Systems
  • Autocad Stations
  • Unigraphics Stations
  • Paint Booths (CARC+)
  • Wash Bays